The Company of Players are expanding and stretching Storyville to present new, originally crafted, one-act plays and masterful monologue performances. The ensemble is using their history as collaborators to upgrade both the level of performance and technical presentation of this production. Storyville will be presented for the first time at the Cloud Station on a raised stage. Improved lights and sound are the hopes of stage manager Holly Hosner.


Always finding ways to support the creativity of group members, the cast of characters that continues to fuel the artistic juices of the Company of Players has transformed from a writer/producer, director and cast model, where each had their role: Ammi Kohn as producer/performer, Richard Collier as director/performer and seasoned actors like Findley Demko worked following directions.


That was the set-up in the first production of this group about the Lama Foundation performed at Shumei in 2009. But in response to actors, performers and writers of Crestone, a new paradigm required changes to this model, more collaborative with artistic growth at the center, a model that allowed for more flexibility. Findley will present a Death of Neruda about Chilean poet and Nobel Peace Prize winner Pablo Neruda. Richard Collier is expanding the role of music by collaborating with fluteman Bruce Becker in a piece entitled My Cousin’s Story.

Local artists wanted to grow and explore their work in a new environment. The group prides itself on consensus decision-making and honoring the different creative styles of its members. Some pieces are self-directed, others use the input of group members in the formative stages, others are written by the group in performance. The desired outcome is to storytell, to get across an experience in an entertaining way. The process keeps expanding.

Kelly Hosner has been a favorite in many Company of Players productions over the years, telling stories she has written. In this production she will take on some very interesting characters expanding on the theatrical charm by creating a wildlife creature with costume and make-up for a scene conjured with fellow thespians Jennifer Thomson and Dean Lloyd. Ammi and Findley will explore the adventures of A Blind Date in a simple coffee shop setting.