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Shakti Sharanam Yoga Shala is a small, environmentally sustainable school dedicated to upholding traditional yogic practices through prescribed techniques and conscious lifestyle. These practices are now threatened worldwide, and many are being lost to commercialization. 

The Shala project was carefully created with the intention to exemplify yogic living and pass on the teachings in an intimate and authentic way. It integrates the ancient yogic life principles with contemporary sustainable systems, including the use of solar energy and natural building materials. 


Shakti Sharanam offers traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes by donation, as well as private instruction, yoga therapy, weekend intensives, yogic cooking, Hindustani music, custom courses for school and pilgrim groups, and monthly study programs. 

Annie Pace, the center’s founder, has spent much of the last 27 years in India, immersing herself in the yogic sciences of Ayurveda, music, cooking, and philosophy. She is an elder in her lineage and is skilled in distilling her decades of knowledge and experience into simple and applicable teachings for practitioners of all levels, and from all walks of life.

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