Our mission is to provide a robust creative and commercial platform for the Town of Crestone, one of Colorado’s most diverse artistic communities, situated at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of rural southern Colorado.


Our vision is to increase Crestone’s regional, national and international visibility as a place for spiritual and creative retreat, outdoor health and fitness, alternative experiences and personal development.


Coalescing around the Crestone Creative District are many dynamic civic and business leaders, visual and performing artists, makers and artisans, specialty shops and restaurants, event venues and galleries. CCD is working to:

  • drive economic impact through the arts.

  • increase Crestone’s visibility as a global creative destination.

  • reveal the unique stories and histories of Crestone—geological, archeological, natural.

  • make Crestone accessible and give locals and visitors alike an experience they can take with them.

  • develop powerful new spaces to create, innovate and experiment.

  • enrich the public realm by connecting people physically and socially.

  • create stronger cultural ties between the Town of Crestone, the nearby Baca Subdivision, and various other groups throughout the community.

  • make creativity part of everyday life for locals, and a central aspect of the visitor experience.


Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the Creative District Legislation in 2011. The legislation encourages the formation of creative districts to attract creative entrepreneurs; to infuse new energy and innovation; to enhance the economic and civic capital of the community; and to create hubs of economic activity, thereby enhancing the area as an appealing place to live and conduct business; to attract visitors; to revitalize and beautify communities; to provide a focal point for celebrating and strengthening a community’s unique identity, and to showcase cultural and artists organizations, events, and amenities. Although not yet certified, Crestone is currently one of 21 creative districts designated by the State of Colorado.  Successful creative districts:

  • have visionary and committed leadership.

  • are tailored to distinctive features of a place.

  • mobilize public will.

  • attract private sector buy-in.

  • have the support of local arts and cultural leadership.

  • build partnerships across sectors and levels of government.

  • Demonstrate grassroots support.

The Crestone Creative District exists with the generous support of Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) and the Boettcher Foundation.