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I have moved in and out of the drawing arts.  There have been years where I never touched adrawing pen to paper, simply because I would rather move and use my body than my hand on paper to draw.  Whatever we choose to do, though, is a fine way to artistically express ourselves and learn about the whole world from it.


My most exciting work is in photography, and also in illustration.  I am in a spell with color, I am also enthralled with most two dimensional imagery but also three dimensional works, whether in sculptured objects or in sculptured land, which is a most moving way to see the Divine in the material world.  I have spent the last ten years with a camera, but also working on land with plants, trees and the shape of the land.

My work reflects the earth and the sky.


Now i am taking up the pen in hand again to illustrate the Poppy Series. Poppy and Piere are sweet children of the City, and I am delighted to watch them as they live their lives in Paris, and New York, and as they go through their adventures.

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