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     I AM Harmony is a perfect place to have a Personal Retreat.  The vibration is very high! The Presence of the Ascended Masters and Angels can be experienced as well as the Fairies and Elemental Beings. The I AM Activator Shrine can open the Heart and can help move someone to a whole new level of Spirituality. There are many different geometric designs where one can meditate, including a Cretan Labyrinth! This is a place of Love, Light, Joy, Wisdom, Purity and Illumination!

     Although I AM Harmony has been a Bed and Breakfast for ten years, I am no longer serving breakfast because recently I changed to a Vegan diet which consumes no animal products.  This includes eggs, butter, milk, cheese and cream.

     Even so, I want to offer those who would like to discuss the I AM Presence a time when you can visit with me.


Thanks, Kiara


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