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“Making art for me has been a life process for the last 30 some years alongside the healing arts and spiritual practice. It’s a process of searching an expression of soul and connection with life—whether it be observing, drawing, painting the human figure, the face of a model sitting in front of me. Or it may just be a walkabout in nature, reflecting on what my relationship is with a lone tree, the moving clouds, the majestic snow peaked mountains, a span of horizon or the sound of a creek.

"And this process of life changes. At times, I may have the need to express my feelings, so I will just throw paints creating abstract pieces.

"Art making is living life…I have my ups and downs. Inspiration appears and experimentation occurs. The challenges can include figuring out techniques, color approaches and selection of appropriate media…oil, acrylic, mixed media collages, sumi ink. I would wonder how I am going to render or express an image on paper, on board, and canvas.

"While the outcome is never completely known – at times satisfying, resolved, other times mysterious, and sometimes trashed. Yet, as always I vow to continue to heed this creative urge that makes me alive.”