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Jennifer Thomson is an established fine artist and experienced teacher. She studied in the traditional art schools and colleges, received her BFA in painting. Jennifer traveled to Europe in the early 80s to study with Beppe Assenza in Dornach, Switzerland. Her studies include the art of painting, J.W. Goethe’s color theory, and Rudolf Steiner’s color indications.

In 1985, she directed a painting school in New York for 11 years, teaching students from North America, Europe and Asia. In 1996, Jennifer moved to Denver, Colorado. She taught art to a variety of people: homeless, emotionally disturbed, senior citizens, artist and searchers also traveled to teach in various art programs in other states. She and her husband live in Crestone, Colorado.

Jennifer’s approach to teaching is an inner search for truth and balance of soul though art. She has exhibited widely in the US and her work is found in private collections in Europe, Asia and USA.

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