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"As an artist, I am continually striving to make a lasting record of a fleeting state of mind. I employ concrete tools; metallic paint, complimentary colors, abstraction of elements, to try to capture a feeling evoked by the natural world.

"I came to art by the long road. Raised in a family of artists, I ran away and went to law school. Finally, after trying many paths I came back to art, thankful for having been raised in the studio with full time artists. I view all of my experience as fair game for my paintings. My paintings may be the red cork trees I bicycled by in Portugal, the ice storm that settled over the base of the Sangre de Christos, or a rose from Ireland.


"My paintings are never the same as reality nor, are they ever meant to be. They are about conjuring sensation; heat, light, texture, a breath of air, a dream of a place. In each painting, I hope to draw forth my essential moments and convey a little of their potency to the viewer. Summoning illusion, and conjuring magic is what putting paint to canvas means to me.

"Since returning to art I have shown in various venues in the state of Colorado; including the Artists of the San Luis Valley show at Republic Plaza, Denver, Colorado, Botanica at Republic Plaza, Denver, Colorado, The Snake River Chamber Orchestra, Keystone Colorado, The Harvest Restaurant, Crestone, Colorado, a one woman show at BOOM Gallery, Denver Colorado. I have also shown at Shumei International gallery, Crestone Colorado as a featured artist, and in the shows Walls and Words and the 2016 Anniversary show. I have also shown at Crestone Artisan’s Gallery and various studio shows and festivals. My work is currently featured at the Cloud Station performance space in Crestone Colorado."