Trust The Tao, Encaustic Wax Monotype, 55 x 27
Wondering Whether To Come Up For Air, Encaustic Wax Monotype with Graphite, 18 x 12
Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars, Encaustic Wax Monotype with Graphite, 30.5 x 25
Pre His-Story, Encaustic Wax Monotype, 26.5 x 20.5
Through The Cracks, Encaustic Wax Monotype, 18 x 12



"I make encaustic monotype prints on rice paper, then embellish them with ink, adding layer upon layer to reveal new dimensions. Though I have been painting my whole life, when I was recently introduced to encaustics, my world changed overnight. The nature of the medium allows for a thrilling array of possibilities.


"I’ve spent much of my adult life as an expat, teaching contemplative practice and creative process. I’ve lived and worked all over Asia for the past 15 years sharing these tools with others and learning from local artists. Spending so much time in a foreign culture reinforces universal themes of what it means to be human, and also presents a unique view into our differences.  My hope is to convey how art is a bridge to this experience of mind that connects us with something larger than ourselves, and encourages us to realize that we are not alone."

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