Mark Elliott


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A Place of the HearT

A Short Film About Crestone


Mark Elliott 1
Yangsi Film
Bodhisattva Film_edited


Director Mark Elliott has been making films about Buddhism for 40 years, ever since he walked into Dharamsala, India, with a primitive video camera and made a film on Tibetans in exile at the invitation of the Dalai Lama. His documentaries are simple, straightforward chronicles, whether they tell the story of a person or a place.


Underneath their ordinary exterior, these films contain a wealth of information about the transition of Buddhism from Eastern to Western hands. By witnessing this transition, we learn a lot about the meaning of Dharma, too. While Mr. Elliott often resists being named a “dharma filmmaker”, and perhaps he’s right, there may not be such a rubric, still, ever since The Lion’s Roar (1985), considered a spiritual classic, by virtue of his choice to be present with a camera in the lives of his subjects, his films have opened a window onto the landscape of modern Buddhism unlike few others.


The Lion’s Roar (1985)

Eye of the Land (1999)

Under the Bodhi Tree (2005)

Yangsi (2013)

Bodhisattva (2013)

Nurturing Compassion (2018)