Shumei International Institute

Shumei International Institute  

 In fulfillment of one of the three fundamental tenets of Shumei’s philosophy, we also support the arts by providing space and PR for concerts at our Crestone Center. Musicians have the opportunity to perform in a serene environment, with the support of Deana Wilfong, their Outreach Coordinator. Seasonally we are able to enjoy their outdoor amphitheater for these concerts, while a comfortable indoor space is available year round.

Cloud Station

Crestone Brewery

     Free musical performances each weekend from established touring bands, as well as local acts, augmented by a dynamic open-mic each Tuesday evening at 8pm.

     Crestone Brewing Co. chose Crestone because they believe that it is one of the best places on earth. Their journey started with a shared dream between the four founders of living and working in an incredible place with a strong sense of community. Their dreams and values are reflected in their logo design, the Crestone Snowflake, which is an offering of gratitude for the natural phenomenon that brings us life-giving water. 

The Cloud Station

 Live Performances in Crestone, Colorado. Great stop-over destination for bands passing through. Our mission is to support the arts in our community. Fine arts, live arts, and all creative endeavors.

We started the Cloud Station March 22st 2014. We've had over 100 events. Our music venue holds 120 dancing and 80 seated. We support all genres of music.  

Please contact for booking and promo.