Hay Bales
Hester, Demeter, and the Snake
Chloroplasmic Colonnade
Eagle Earth Circle

Noah Baen is a visual artist focused on the energy and experience of Nature and natural processes as well as the relation of humans to the natural environment. 


Born in Philadelphia, he moved to New York City to study painting at Cooper Union (BFA,1966) where his teachers were second generation abstract expressionists. Baen also studied at the University of Pennsylvania and Brooklyn College (MFA, 1975). He lived in New York City for most of the next 45 years until moving to Crestone, Colorado in 2011.  


While most of his landscape paintings have been made outdoors where he can be immersed in the immediacy of the landscape, other works are allegories painted in the studio which aim to convey invisible social and energetic aspects of particular places in nature.


Baen’s work has been exhibited widely in solo and group shows in New York and nationally.  It is included in the collections of the Smith College Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.