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Fine art hand-colored black-and-white photography:

portraits, landscape, surfing, wildlife, architecture.

     In 1972, after a formal photographic education at Brooks Institute of Photography, I discovered, quite by accident, a method for hand coloring black and white prints. It became my signature niche in the photographic world using it to produce prints that are a cross between a photograph and a painting lending them a timeless quality. While there are other photographers who do beautiful hand colored work I have never seen or heard of anyone using my method and as there is so much adulteration in photography I have never divulged my method. Until 2007 I had my own darkroom and produced all my own prints from film. The switch to digital made certain aspects of photography easier and less expensive and I have had to adapt to exploring new papers and new and old methods of hand coloring.


     Living for almost all of my adult life in a beautiful and sacred area of the California coast I early on developed a sensitive eye for all aspects of nature including the ocean. At the same time I did some architectural photographic work as well as having an ongoing love of candid portraits. My work is timeless and has been polished over the 44 years I have been doing it. At times I have earned my living through photography but I also grew Protea flowers commercially and had a niche in the alternative building world building ferrocement structures that were sculpted and blended into the environment, utilitarian art as I called it. I moved to Crestone in 2013.