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It has been a joyous and compelling journey, since I’ve learned stonecarving from my many mentors and friends, and from the ancient sculptors of history. Carving directly in communion with the stone, I carve various marbles and other stones from around the world.


I  am drawn to ancient iconery: Greek Kore and sphinxes, Egyption power animals, Olmec and Toltec figures, gods, goddesses, dryads, Asian forms. I like to sculpt my contemporary interpretation of these mythical and mystical icons, as I feel that the old forms were imbued with supernatural powers, and a contemporary version may well be too. Aren’t all forms on the material plane actually energy particles? When the medium is stone, metamorphed from the millenia, the stone itself tells the sculptor of  its life, its birth, its power, its dreams.

Some of my favorite teachers have been:  Kazutaka Uchida and all the  Marblers in Marble, and in Rinconada, Petros Dellatolas in Tinos, Greece, and Rollie and the boys and girls from Hummingbird Ranch… I am grateful to all... Poesy Nelson

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