What is Tsampa?
Tsampa is the traditional food of the Tibetan people — whole grain hull-less barley is roasted to 'pop' or 'crack' over fire, then is stone ground. Since it is already cooked, one simply mixes the tsampa with hot tea, water, milk or soup.

What Tsampa is not
Tsampa is not raw barley flour, or barley flour which has been roasted. The process of making real tsampa creates a very nutritious, digestible, yummy, instant, portable food.

Nutritional qualities of Tsampa
• High in protein.

• Low glycemic index – Tsampa is recommend for diabetics due to its highly soluble fiber and protein content.
• Good source of thiamine, selenium, manganese and iron.
• Some people who are gluten intolerant can tolerate tsampa. Barley gluten is different than wheat gluten.

More nutritional information

Tsampa is great for:

• A quick breakfast or snack. 

• Add whatever you like: nuts, dried fruit, honey, maple syrup…
• Camping, trekking & traveling. See Recipes
• Babies and Elders
• The sick and infirm (mix into a thin gruel).
• Buddhist offerings of torma (offering cakes).

• Fire offering ceremonies.
• As a gift for your special Rinpoche!

Since 2009, PMT has been offering two kinds of tsampa – white and purple. Both are 100% whole unprocessed barley, just different varieties. The purple has a more robust, nuttier taste. Both have a great toasty grain flavor and are equally popular among customers. Both the white and the purple barley are organically grown. More about barley

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