Bead it with Metal 2
Bead it with Metal 4
Bead it with Metal
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Salvaged metal pieces, strung with glass or gemstones and finished with brass bells. Wind art for your patio.

As a lover of nature and the environment, I find deep inspiration from the 14,000 foot Cestone mountain peaks right outside my door. I also love hiking, gardening and the color and light of glass beads and… metal objects found at junkyards.

These diverse interests have found a unique form of expression in the metal and bead garden “wind art” I create. Each piece has a unique appeal based on the artistic interplay of the metal pieces, beads and the bells. I truly love the entire process of creating each piece, from discovery of fascinating metal parts, choosing the “right” complimentary beads, to the final protective coatings.

The bells are authentic brass bells from exotic India. I hope you will find joy in the environment through my wind art, as you listen to the wind song of the bead hung bells.