Crestone today has a denser concentration of high Tibetan Lamas than might be found even in Tibet. Carmelite Christianity, Islamic Sufism, Judaism, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism and Native American Culture all have a pronounced presence to Crestone.

Tibetan Buddhism scholar Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinphoche finds that having so many living masters in residence makes the area now the worlds best place to practice and meditate. Sister Kaye, a Carmelite nun, finds it validating to live among so many faiths. When she wakes before dawn to pray, she sees a fire already lit at a Hindu ashram across the hillside and thinks she is not alone. Some of Crestone Spiritual Centers, Organizations and Sacred Sites include:

  1. Atalanta Association – Interdisciplinary eco-center and demonstration project for the relationship between culture, healing and the environment

  2. Camino de Crestone – Offered in the spirit of religious unity and diversity.  Pilgrims, walking in groups of 7 to 14, will visit 15 different centers, with an array of educational, non-dogmatic, clarifying and richly thorough experiences

  3. Chamma Ling – Tibetan Bon Buddhist Center with retreat cabins, retreats and weekly meditation

  4. Crestone Baptist Church – Sunday services and community events

  5. Crestone Healing Arts Center – Offers public classes, workshops and lectures

  6. Crestone Mountain Zen Center – Zen Buddhist study and meditation practice

  7. Crestonehenge – Druid-like stone circles and labyrinth on private property

  8. Dharma Ocean Crestone – Community of meditators, in Colorado, North America, and around the world, following the path of embodied spirituality

  9. Haidakhandi Universal Ashram and Divine Mother Temple – inspired by Haidakhan Babaji of India and dedicated to the Divine Mother

  10. Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang – the first Tibetan Buddhist project in Crestone/Baca with retreat space and 40-foot Tashi Gomang Stupa

  11. Kiara’s Labyrinth – 32-foot Cretan Labyrinth on private property, open to the public

  12. Little Shepherd in the Hills Episcopal Church – Sunday services in a pioneer building in the heart of Crestone

  13. Mangala Shri Bhuti – Tibetan Buddhist organization founded by the venerable Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

  14. Manitou Foundation – Provides land grants and financial support to spiritual organizations and environmental sustainability projects

  15. Manitou Hermitage Project – Wilderness retreat space offered by the Manitou Foundation

  16. Manitou Institute – Raises and distributes funds to religious and spiritual organizations

  17. Pundarika Foundation – Founded to preserve and support the lineage teachings of the Drukpa Kagyu Buddhist tradition

  18. Sacred Mountains Foundation Inc. – Dedicated to the preservation of the Dineh (Navajo) culture through cross-cultural exploration.

  19. Sacred Passage and Way of Nature Fellowship – Sacred Land Trust, guided journeys, retreats and meditation space

  20. Sage House – Supports the teaching and sharing of the wisdom of indigenous cultures

  21. Sanctuary House – Retreat space, sacred labyrinth, shrine rooms and scheduled meditations

  22. Sangdo Palri Temple – The Sangdo Palri Temple of Wisdom and Compassion is being constructed as a spiritual focal point for world peace and awakening. The Temple is the first of its kind in the United States

  23. Shakti Sharanam Yoga Shala  – Traditional Yogic teachings based on universal Yogic principles and Ashtanga lineage.

  24. Shumei Crestone Center – Home of the Shumei International Institute promoting the teachings of Japanese spiritual leader Mokichi Okada

  25. Singing Stone – Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan of Colorado corp, Native American Church is a Colorado nonprofit. We are a Place of worship and spiritual healing and are dedicated to preserving Indigenous American Spiritual Ceremonies and Culture

  26. Spiritual Life Institute and Nada Hermitage Retreat Center – Carmelite Catholic Monastery where monks and nuns conduct services and contemplative retreats

  27. Sri Aurobindo Learning Center – Based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, associated with Auroville in India

  28. Vajra Vidya Retreat Center – founded by the Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master, with the intent of having the Center for intensive practice, initially for short periods and ultimately for the traditional Three Year Retreat

  29. Wisdom Keepers – Native American Elders Council

  30. Yeshe Khorlo – Tibetan Buddhist organization founded by the venerable Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche Bhutan

  31. Ziggurat – Ziggurats are spiritual structures from the middle east and Persia. The Crestone Ziggurat was built by Najeeb Halaby, father of Queen Noor of Jordan