William Martino 1


Published author of seven books, former Zen monk and head of security for a major U.S. retreat center founded by the legendary guru of The Beatles. Advanced meditation retreats with The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, A Zen master nominated for the nobel peace prize(Zen), studied with Two world renowned Qigong/Kung Fu Masters; Yang Ywing Ming who has two p.hd.s and over 50 schools of Qigong. Master Yang was the first person to translate the internal Qi scriptures into english which forms the inner understanding of Acupuncture and Qigong.  Also sutidied with Chinese Qigong and Kung Fu legend master Chen; author of ‘The Master Within’ who was raised on Wudang mountain the source of the legendary Qi masters.

Wiliam’s retreat center is in Crestone, Co. dubbed The Spiritual Heart of America by a national news sevice-with over 35 major centers many of them are beautiful million-dollar facilities with world leaders of many systems represented all in one place. People come from all over the world for help in wellness and enlightenment. William's center is called The Living Enlightened Retreat Center located on Badger Road in Crestone. He and his crew offer state of the art programs for health and awakening without all the fluff, and seek to free people to their own health, wellness and enlightenment rather then tie them into systems.